CLIENT  Milieu Centraal

CATEGORY  Illustration

YEAR  2017


Milieu Centraal wanted a new design and new illustrations for their ‘Bespaartest’.

You can do this test online to see how much money you can safe a year, or are already saving in and around your house by applying different tips and tricks.

Illustration & Design | Kōkako

Used Programs | Photoshop


Hint 01  |  Take showers, under 5 minutes.

Hint 01  |  Install a water saving shower head.

Hint 03  |  Close doors between rooms.

Tip 04  |  When you’re at home, put your thermostat on a maximum of 19 or 20 degrees celsius.

Hint 05  |  At night, leave your thermostat on 15 degrees.

Hint 06  |  Use LED lamps.

Hint 07  |  Wash your laundry at 30 or 40 degrees and wash a lot of laundry at once.

Hint 08  |  Hang your laundry out to dry and don’t always use the dryer.

Hint 09  |  If you use a dishwasher, make sure you put it on a power saving/eco mode.

Hint 10  |  Get rid of your second refrigerator.

Hint 11  | Use radiator foil.

Hint 12  |  Use a energy consumption manager to track all your data.


Concept Illustration  |  Styleframe for the first concept we pitched. 3 housemates living in one home and not thinking about saving money, energy and water. This illustration series should show the people, how not to behave.

Concept Illustration  |  First version of the rabbit styleframes. 

Character Design  |  01

Other Illustrations.